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The detailed publication is available in German only. However, we've produced an English summary as well.

Lobbying and association work

The importance of lobbying and association work in companies is steadily increasing due to increased regulation, globalisation and networking. Companies must be able to react quickly, efficiently and effectively to changes in the policy framework and specific problems.
Policy and association work must be excellently coordinated.
Association services must be consistently used by the relevant functions of a company. Structured lobbying and association work increases efficiency and reduces corporate risk. We have many years of experience in these areas andare familiar with the different perspectives of the topic. With pragmatic efficiency programs, we work with the relevant company representatives to develop optimized structures and processes.


The challenges in the areas of health, safety, environment and quality are manifold.
HSEQ minimum standards must be defined, implemented and monitored throughout the company. Accidents and environmental events must be consistently prevented, security must be "lived" throughout the company.
We support these processes, assist in defining key figures and optimize reporting and control systems. We also have proven expertise in the chemical industry in developing and implementing programs to improve security awareness.

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